Tourism in Europe – A Year of Opportunity

During the first half of 2009, tourism fell 10 percent in Europe and in some tourist destinations losses have reached up to 15 percent compared with the previous year.

Is that in times of crisis one of the first expenses that people choose to cut are those incurred in travel and this explains why a continent that has 10 of the 20 main tourist attractions in the world is suffering very bad season. What to do at sentosa singapore 

However, an old Chinese proverb states that the crisis has two elements: danger and opportunity and the heart of each crisis lies always a great opportunity for those who exploit the know.

In this case, the economic crisis has provided to those who can seize the opportunity, the opportunity to travel, learn and enjoy new places to a much lower cost than previous seasons and also less likely to be faced when the economy accelerate the pace again.

The crisis has generated a very strong market segment for those who knew how to use the opportunity: low-cost tourism, with airlines, accommodation, trains and restaurants that have adapted to changing times and have enabled many tourists can continue to travel rates.

The end of the European summer season gives the extra possibility of getting even lower prices. The months between August and December are the most economical as demand drops considerably to what we have to add that we should not stand in line or have to wait hours to visit a tourist attraction.

So visit Europe in these months can be a great opportunity to explore destinations at very low prices dreamed.

Personally I would recommend two beautiful cities, one is the birthplace of one of the most developed civilizations of all time and only for that fact Rome should be one of the places that everyone should visit at some point.

The other is Madrid, a city characterized by the incredible rich culture and history, exciting nightlife, excellent cuisine and, especially, heat and bohemian residents.